Thinking & Driving

I had to get out of the house
and be in the sun
Reflect on my life
and what I’ve become

I drive around this town
past the places I know
Just driving & thinking
nowhere really to go

I think of the places I’ve been
the people I’ve known
All the things that I’ve done
And how much I have grown

I think of the loves that I’ve had
some that were great
I think about timing
and I question fate

I think of all that I have
and at what cost
the paths I have chosen
the people I’ve lost

I think of my friends
all the hell that we raised
Things that we’ve been through
how we’ve changed as we’ve aged

I drive through this town
and I see my past
I think of my future
and how time goes by so fast

I wonder what I want
and think of what I need
Of who I want to be
and how I can succeed

As I drive around
and I think and I think
I see why it’s illegal
to drive and to drink

So I turned the car around
and drove myself home
Sat down with a beer
and wrote this here poem