It’s been 128 days since our 45th POTUS took office and 201 days since the election. It’s been rough. The news headlines alone, that seem to come out daily, are a constant barrage of WTF?! moments. So much so that I even had to de-activate my social media for about a month after the election, I just couldn’t handle it. When I started this “Alt Reality” blog series I had planned to write monthly, if not weekly, but that undertaking became overwhelming with the sheer number of things about 45 that upset me. So I even took a break from writing this blog.

Until today, when I read an article on NPR: As Trump lifestyle takes toll on Secret Service lawmakers try to give extra support

You can read the whole article by clicking the link above, but it boils down to this: the way 45 and his family flit around every weekend is taking a toll on the agents and is costing an unprecedented amount of money. The new administration’s budget allocates $27.5 million for security at Trump Tower because the First Lady doesn’t want to live at the White House. (Hell, even 45 doesn’t want to be there – he leaves for one of his own properties nearly every weekend). As an American tax payer, that alone is frustrating. That areas of our budget are being trimmed (like art and music in schools!) to allow for more money to be spent elsewhere, like ridiculous security measures for a ridiculous man. But what is even more of a slap in the face is this – the Secret Service will actually PAY RENT TO TRUMP while they are there to do their jobs. $6.3 million dollars in “rent and utilities,” to be exact.

Am I crazy, or is that crazy?

I think that’s crazy. I actually think this entire Presidency is crazy.

The entire target demographic of trump’s campaign was the “forgotten Americans” living in the mid-west – oh, you mean the white Christians who RULE THE WORLD? I live in the mid-west, in the very red state of South Dakota, and the only forgotten people here are the Oglala Lakota indigenous people.