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One word I learned quickly after becoming a correspondent for a Native American newspaper in South Dakota was the Lakota word Wasicu (pronounced Wa-see-choo). I’ve heard a few different translations and stories, both similar in their meanings of “someone who takes the...
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Alt Reality: Day 128

It's been 128 days since our 45th POTUS took office and 201 days since the election. It's been rough. The news headlines alone, that seem to come out daily, are a constant barrage of WTF?! moments. So much so that I even had to de-activate my social media for about a...
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Death by Suicide

This morning I woke up to the news of a friend passing away, presumably by suicide. This is the second friend this year to take their own life. I didn't know either very intimately; the first was a transgender girl who I met through mutual friends, and the second was...
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The Death of Democracy?

I keep asking myself the same question, again and again: What the fuck? Seriously, guys, what the fuck is happening to America? I struggle to find any hope to cling onto in this sea of greed that is drowning our country. Each day, I see headlines in the news that make...
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